The region in the Czech Republic where glass making production has existed since the 13th century was formerly known as North Bohemia, hence the term Bohemian Glass beads.


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Ocean Cathedral Bohemian Glass Earrings

The name, Ocean Cathedral, came from the colours of the Czech Bohemian glass and the shape of the top bead which is referred to as a Cathedral bead due to its facets and coating. The gorgeous transparent aqua colour of this design must be seen to be believed.

The 10mm smooth round bead has a beautiful colour and clarity to it. This bead is topped and tailed by smooth silver bead caps. The Cathedral bead has triangular facets alternating from top to bottom around its edge. The top and bottom of this bead is coated in a metallic silver creating a “built in” bead cap.

This incredible design is approx. 4.25cm long