Repair & remodel: Beaded Jewellery

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Repair and remodelling service at MaxineFaye

Let me Repair or Remodel

your broken or damaged beadwork

I can repair broken strands by restringing.  I offer silk for Pearls and softer Gemstones as that will protect the delicate bead.  Because of wear and tear from the sharp edges of Glass or Crystal designs, a stronger thread or beading wire may be needed.

I can tidy up an existing design if it has damaged sections. The amount of repair will depend on the amount of damage to the original design and if you want to replicate it or remodel the design.

Altering earring wires either due to different requirements or personal likes is another thing I offer.  I can change earrings from hook to stud or even lever-back.  Especially relevant for those without piercings, I can alter most designs to suit non-pierced ears by using clip-on or screw-on findings.  Also, if you have allergies to some metals, earwires can be changed to surgical steel or niobium (which is physiologically inert and hypoallergenic)

Would you like to change a style of clasp.  Do you find the basic lobster style difficult to use?  I can add a toggle or magnetic clasp.  As a result, wearing your jewellery will be easier.


repair glass pearl necklace
The original necklace above belonged to the customers Mother…but had been placed into an ultrasonic cleaner and much of the coating has come off the glass beads.
 I rethreaded with new Pearls, cleaned, and replaced lost crystals in the clasp and added the extra strand which had been broken a long time ago.   From the salvaged beads of the original design, I made bracelets for the Bride and Flower-Girl (great-granddaughter of the original owner). It is always such an honour to be trusted with items as sentimental as this.

Other Repairs I Offer

Although elastic bracelets look good, and are often cheap, they are also my biggest request for repair.  People buy them while on holidays or from Trash and Treasure markets and are then disappointed when they break.

I don’t make this style even if a customer insists.  I would rather miss out on the sale, than have the concern that their bracelet will not last the lifetime I would expect of one of my designs.  

When customers bring them to me to repair, I generally thread the beads onto beading wire and add a clasp.  This can result in a couple of beads left over and these can be turned into simple earrings at no extra charge.  An example of this is pictured below.

Repair Remodelling Service - Originally an elastic bracelet which had broken. I fixed it with a clasp and the extra pearls were made into earrings.

Tired, Outdated or Unloved Designs?

Does your existing beaded jewellery need some TLC?

Your old pieces of damaged or out-dated jewellery can be given a new lease on life because I can repair or remodel them and consequently you will be able to wear them again.

Do you want to remodel your tired old designs?  Do you have some wonderful ideas of what you would like, but not sure how to go about it?  Have you been making a scrapbook or Pinterest board of designs you like?  Are you ready to get that design created?

Have you inherited or been gifted beaded jewellery that is just not right for you? Possibly it is too long or short for you?  Consequently, even though you love the piece you are unable to wear it. 
This can be changed!  The piece below was made a little larger to suit the customer.

repair and remodel: Oroton necklace to make it larger

Request a Free Consultation

And tidy up your jewellery box

Repair and remodel the outdated items in your jewellery box

Do you have a box of bits and pieces?  Have you lost one of the earrings – do you know I can turn it into a charm for a bracelet or even a pendant.  Sometimes I may have similar beads and be able to make something suitable.

If you need extra beads or materials for your chosen design, you can either choose from a large range of beads and findings I have available, supply your own or I can order that “certain” bead in for you.

All costs of the repair will be quoted on before you commit to the project and you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the costs and the design in writing.  Crafting of the item will not commence until the quote has been accepted and the deposit paid.

I hope you found this page helpful.

The initial consultation is free, and you are under no obligation to continue with the design.

I look forward to working with you and creating some magical designs or mending your existing loved pieces

I would love you to bookmark it for the future, or even better, share it!

Serenity chrysocolla, quartz crystal and sterling silver bracelet

As well as offering a repair and remodelling service, I also have a gorgeous range of original and unique one-of-a-kind pieces available in my online store or you can contact me to arrange a custom made piece – just for you.


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