The facets on these glass beads are created on grinding wheel, which is about 8-feet in diameter. The technician scoops a special tray into a container of glass beads. The beads are then secured, so they won’t fall out, and pressed against the grinding wheel for a few seconds, and then released. A special ratchet in the tray is used to cause the beads to turn a little, and the bead again pressed against the wheel on a new section of the bead. This is repeated until the bead is totally faceted all the way around.



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Beautiful Boysenberry Czech Pressed Glass Earrings

Beautiful deep boysenberry coloured 10mm Czech pressed glass beads look like little pots of jam with their incredible depth of colour.

A Czech faceted glass crystal bead in a similar, but paler colour sits above it and adds some lightness to the design. This bead has two large, faceted sides with the remainder of the bead having many facets. This gives the bead a flat oval shape when viewed from the large side and makes for an interesting play on light.

Both beads are topped and tailed by smooth silver scalloped edge bead caps which have a lovely effect.

The total length of this design is approx. 4.3cm and they are just a delight for a purple lover.