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Cherished Memories: The Sentimental Value of Jewellery

Preserving Memories: Jewellery Repair and Remodelling Services

In a fast-paced world filled with fleeting trends and disposable goods, there are possessions that transcend their material value. Jewellery has a unique ability to capture memories and emotions becoming cherished keepsakes that hold a special place in our hearts.

Restoring Sentimental Value, One Piece at a Time

Take a moment to stroll down memory lane, and revisit the significance of certain pieces in your collection. Maybe a necklace gifted by a loved one or a bracelet purchased during a memorable trip. Perhaps a handmade creation from a child’s imagination.

One such memory is a bright orange and green pasta necklace my son made at pre-school for Mother’s Day. I no longer have this necklace but it makes me smile whenever I think of it.

Often more sentimental than valuable they pieces are tangible reminders of cherished moments and beloved individuals. They speak to the bonds we share and the experiences that shape us.

Quality You Can Trust

As a jewellery artisan, I understand the profound significance these pieces hold. That’s why I offer a range of services aimed at preserving and enhancing the memories they hold.

From minor repairs to complete makeovers or remodelling, I’m here to breathe new life into your treasured pieces. Whether it’s replacing a lost bead, repairing a broken clasp, or transforming a sole earring into a pendant. No task is too small when it comes to preserving your precious memories.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is hearing the stories behind each piece of jewellery. Like the customer who vividly recalled the sights, sounds, and scents of a special holiday while wearing a beaded necklace purchased during their travels. It’s moments like these that highlight the profound connection between jewellery and memory.

Get in Touch Today!

Contact me to discuss your ideas and let’s keep those memories shining bright.

If you find yourself in need of care and attention for your beloved pieces, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can ensure that your jewellery continues to tell your story for years to come.

Repair & Remodel: Existing Beaded Jewellery

Repair or Remodel your broken or damaged beaded Jewellery

I can repair broken strands by restringing.  I offer silk or silkon™ thread for Pearls and softer Gemstones as they protect the delicate beads.  Glass or Crystal beads have sharp edges and I may suggest a remodel of the design using stronger thread or beading wire may be needed.

I can tidy up an existing design if it has damaged sections. The amount of repair will depend on the amount of damage to the original design and if you want to replicate it or remodel the design.

garnet stitched necklace repair @MaxineFaye

Not all Repairs are Major

A simple change of clasp, or earring style may be all you require

Would you like to change a style of clasp.  Do you find the basic lobster style difficult to use?  By adding a toggle or magnetic clasp wearing your jewellery will be easier.

Altering earring wires due to requirements or personal preferences is an option you can choose to change earrings from hook to stud or even lever-back.  I can alter most designs to suit non-pierced ears by using clip-on or screw-on findings.  Ear wires can be changed to surgical steel or niobium (which is physiologically inert and hypoallergenic).

Repair and Remodel Fit for a Bride

A Family Heirloom to Share

The original necklace belonged to the customers Mother and held sentimental value for the family. It had been placed in an ultrasonic cleaner causing much of the nacre coating to come off the glass beads.

I rethreaded with new Pearls, cleaned, and replaced lost crystals in the clasp and added the extra strand which had been broken a long time ago.   From the salvaged beads of the original design, I made bracelets for the Bride and Flower-Girl (great-granddaughter of the original owner). It is always such an honour to be trusted with items as sentimental as this.

Pearl wedding necklace repair and remodel at MaxineFaye handcrafted beaded jewellery

To Repair or Remodel: This is the Question?

Stretch bracelets are the biggest request for repairs therefore when arranging a stretch bracelet repair, choose between the following options:

  • restrung onto stretch cord as the original design.
  • threaded onto cord or leather and finished with an adjustable slide knot.
  • threaded onto nylon coated stainless steel beading wire with a clasp added.
    • Any beads removed to make space for the clasp or adjustable knot can be remodelled into charms to add to the bracelet, a pendant, or a pair of earrings.

When removing an elastic stretch style bracelet DO NOT pull the bracelet off your wrist, but gently roll it off.  This will reduce the wear and tear on the cord and extend the life of the piece.

Tired, Outdated or Unloved Designs?

Does your existing beaded jewellery need some TLC?

Have you inherited or been gifted beaded jewellery that is just not right for you? Possibly it is too long or short for you?  Consequently, even though you love the piece you are unable to wear it. 
This can be changed!  The piece was remodelled to suit the customer.

Pieces of damaged or out-dated jewellery can be given a new lease on life. I can repair or remodel them so you will be able to wear them again.

Do you want to remodel your beaded jewellery?  Do you have some wonderful ideas of what you would like, but not sure how to go about it?  Have you been making a scrapbook or Pinterest board of designs you like?  Are you ready to get that design created?

Book a Free Consultation to repair beaded jewellery

The initial consultation is both cost, and obligation free.

All costs to remodel or repair the item will be quoted on before you commit to the project. You will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the costs and the design in writing.  The repair or remodelling will not commence until the quote has been accepted and the deposit paid.

Do you have a box of bits and pieces?  Have you lost one of the earrings – did you know I can remodel it into a charm for a bracelet or even a pendant.  Sometimes I may have similar beads and be able to make something suitable.

If you need extra beads or materials for your chosen design, you can either choose from a large range of beads and findings I have available, supply your own or I can order that “certain” bead in for you.

General Repair-Remodelling Charges-2023-MaxineFaye Handcrafted Beaded Jewellery

Ask if discounts are currently available!

Discounts may be available to Insider Newsletter Subscribers, Loyalty Card holders and offered for Google reviews and multiple or bulk orders. Remember to ask when you contact me for more information or to arrange a consultation. I look forward to working with you and remodelling or repairing your existing loved beaded jewellery pieces.

SOLD: This item is no longer available

Harmony Necklace

The piece you are looking for has sold or is no longer available

A Custom-Made or Bespoke Creation May be Possible

You have been directed here as the particular item you are looking for has sold out. This piece is no longer available. However, at MaxineFaye Handcrafted Beaded Jewellery, I offer various other options including custom-made creations.

When a specific item has sold out and no longer available, I may be able to create something similar. This will depend on the availability of the components used. Due to the unique nature of handcrafted designs and the availability of certain materials, exact replicas may not be possible.

My designs often use limited edition beads and stones therefore I may not be able to duplicate the sold design. The Individual character of most gemstone, crystal, mineral, lamp-worked or handmade glass the design will never be exactly the same.

My lovely customers have written testimonials and reviews on the work and services I offer.

Contact me to discuss a bespoke design tailored to your preferences. I look forward to hearing from you regarding any special design requests or beading inquiries you may have.