Jewel Day: March 13

Jewels and Gems: Precious or Semi Precious

Celebrate Jewels, Jewellery and Jewellers

Jewel Day - A bead is a small item with at least one hole in it for stringing. Beads can be made from many different things including metals, wood, shell, bone, glass, ceramic and gemstones.

Jewellery: Its not all Jewels, Gemstones and Precious Metals

Since pre-historic times people have adorned themselves with jewellery. Eagle talons may have been used as jewellery in Croatia around 135,000 years ago. At a site in Israel researches found beads made from the sea snail. These are the first known jewellery made by modern humans dated as early as 110,000 years. Similar beads were found in Morocco and South Africa while ostrich shell beads from Kenya and a Stone bracelet in Siberia appear to be around 40000 years old.

Although, during the last century in the western hemisphere at least, woman have worn most of the jewellery, throughout history men have worn great quantities of beads and ornaments to emphasize masculinity, virility and wealth

A bead is a small item with at least one hole in it for stringing and can be made from different materials. This includes metals, wood, shell, bone, glass, ceramic and gemstones.

ancient Indigenous shell bead necklace Exmouth Mandu Mandu

The oldest evidence of human ornamentation uncovered in Australia

Isn’t this amazing? 32,000 years old and such a balanced and beautiful design!

Exmouth, Mandu Mandu Gorge, in Western Australia

ancient Indigenous shell bead necklace Exmouth Mandu Mandu

Precious Gems, Semi-Precious Stones: Which are What?

Diamond, Ruby, Blue Sapphire and Emerald are considered precious but there are rarer semi-precious stones. An example, Jadeite can fetch higher prices for the same weight in either Gold or Diamonds.

5 Tips on How To Celebrate Jewel Day

Jewellery makes fabulous gifts: Brighten up the day with beautiful bling

  • Share some jewellery – today is the day to gift a special piece of jewellery to yourself or someone you love. Jewels light up people’s lives instantly and make everyone feel special.

Heirloom or Simply Sentimental: Appreciate the thought behind the piece

  • Honour a sentimental family piece – bring it out of the jewellery box and give it the attention it deserves! Today is a day to appreciate beautiful works of art.

Protect your Investment: A little TLC will stop a lot of tears

  • Care for your jewellery – check settings, clasps and threads for wear or damage. Clean beads, gemstones, jewels and other jewellery components and store appropriately.

Give it the love it deserves: Repair or Remodel your favourite Jewellery

  • Oops, found some damage or wear on your favourite piece. Clasp, thread, elastic, ear-wires are all elements which can be repaired or replaced. Ring resizing, gold or silversmith work should be carried out by a local trusted Jeweller.

Support your favourite jeweller: Share customer reviews and personal recommendations

  • Appreciate your favourite jeweller – today is as much about the creators of beautiful pieces as it is about the jewellery itself. Order a bespoke creation, appreciate the art and craftsmanship and celebrate your uniqueness.
Celebrate Jewels Day - labradorite and Sterling silver beaded necklace by MaxineFaye Handcrafted Jewellery

What is your favourite jewel or bead? Is it set in a pendant or ring, or threaded as a necklace or bracelet? Do your wear it often, or only on special occasions. I love many stones and enjoy being surrounded by them each day. Pearl is my Birthstone and I love the flash of Labradorite.

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