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Metaphysical Properties: Colour

Bringing balance to our lives

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Using Colour, in any form, may benefit your physical, mental psychological or spiritual state.  Colour properties influence our choices every day – mostly without us even knowing – we even talk in colour  (“I’m feeling blue”, “He has a yellow streak”, and “She was green with envy”).

Find out more about your favourite (or least favourite) colour, the strengths, needs, affirmations, chakras and stones associated with it, by clicking on previous posts where I have touched on the “Headlines” of each colour’s properties.  I have looked at affirmations that may be suitable if you are having issues with an essence of each colour and ways we may address the lessons of each colour.

Over the next months I’ll look at other aspects of each colour properties and go into more depth of what each of these “Headline” subjects was about.  We will eventually look at the chakra each colour is associated with and touch on the Tarot Cards linked to the colour properties.

The following colour tiles will link to the posts as they are published, so bookmark this page for future reference.

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There are no “Good” or “Bad” colours. They each contain both sides of the same coin.  As in Yin / Yang Philosophy, each colour exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example female-male, dark-light and old-young.  In Red, the property that drives anger is the same property that can be channelled into extra energy and drive.  It is all in how the property is utilised.

Each colour sits on the colour wheel in a particular position and its opposite can be used as an “Antidote” for some of the issues.  Lets take Red again.  If you are feeling over-stimulated by its energy, then Green sitting opposite can be used to calm the situation.”

How does this work in real life?

Lets look at a situation where you are getting wound up and things are getting heated or aggressive.  Green represents space and is calming.  To use the “Antidote” you could take a break and connect with nature.  Hug a tree, sit on the grass and remember to breathe as the lungs and respiratory system also fall under Green.

If the situation is ongoing and difficult to bear.  Use one of the recommended stones/crystals for their protective or stimulative effects.

Some easy ways to use each colour properties are:-

Dress in it.  Underwear and socks are an easy way of using colours you wouldn’t usually wear.

Eat it.  Make a salad of your required coloured vegetables or fruits.

Drink it.  Put your water in a coloured bottle and let it sit in the light.  Put one of the suggested stones into a jug of water and let it sit.  Drink the water.  Ensure your stone is clean and doesn’t contain toxins.

Bathe in it.  Put flowers or crystals etc of your chosen colour into your bath.

Surround yourself with it.  Paint your room.  Add accessories.

Wear it.  Use jewellery to add the colours you require.  Double up on this by using Gemstone and Crystal jewellery to get the Metaphysical benefits of the colour and the properties of the stone.

I hope you find this information helpful

Please do not to use this information to diagnose yourself or others or to treat serious conditions or ailments. 

For serious conditions, please refer to your trusted medical or alternative practitioner.

If you would like to explore the Metaphysical benefits of colours further, please contact your local colour therapist.

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The Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones, Minerals & Crystals

Diamonds on black surface @ everythingposs from Deposit Photos

In this series of posts I have included metaphysical properties and information on some of my favourite or interesting Crystals, Gems and Minerals.
I have collected this from several sources and hope you find it helpful and interesting.

The colour of the piece will generally indicate as to which chakra they may benefit.
For more information on Chakras and Colour Therapy please contact a Colour


This is a stone that bonds relationships and enhances love.

Diamond brings longevity, particularly to relationships, balance, clarity, and abundance.

It can amplify one’s thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses. It gives one who wears or carries it courage and hope.

Historically, crushed diamond has been used as a cure for many ailments.  This stone in all its colours is associated with the crown chakra.

Diamonds are found in colours other than clear, such as violet, pink, yellow, blue and champagne.  Therefore, the above can be read in conjunction with the metaphysical properties of the colour of the stone.

Diamonds are said to be a “Girls best friend”. What do you think?

I personally wouldn’t swap my real-life best friends for a diamond. I wouldn’t say no to a diamond, but if I had to choose one or the other – it would be my friends by a mile!

I hope you found this page helpful.

I would love you to bookmark it for the future, or even better, share it!

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The metaphysical properties of this colour

Violet colour properties

In this series of posts on the properties of colour I have included an overview of the metaphysical properties and information on some colours and the chakras that they relate to.  I have also included some lessons and affirmations.

Later, in a more in-depth series, I will build on the properties of these colours and how you can use them to your benefit.

Having studied the Aura Soma system of Colour Therapy to the Advanced Level I find the natural benefits of vibrations from colour intriguing and I’m always trying to find out more information on this subject.

For more information on Chakras and Colour Therapy please contact your local Colour Therapist


Spirituality, service, transformation, healing and leadership fall under Violet. It is the colour of strong ideals and finding contentment in helping others or providing protection. Sacrifice in the context of peace falls under Violet.

This colour is dignified and has a richness of quality. It has humility and is inspirational, sensitive and delicate. Violet shows respect of self and others.

Violet offers the possibility of letting go of what is lost and honouring what remains.

This colour enhances meditation and helps to show our true service to the world. It is the colour of thinkers and reminds us we have free will while knowing what we are here for and how to fulfil it.

violet purple tissue paper

The Lesson for Violet is

"The desire to go home".

People under this colour may have experienced a near death experience or have a fear of death or dying or a wish to return home – to spirit.

This colour can also represent endings – the death of something (divorce, lost job, etc).

Individuals under Violet can feel overlooked / invisible as the colour can be elusive / hard to grab hold of.

Detachment, a need for healing and difficulties with transition fall under this colour. People under Violet may feel they are not always easily understood, have a hidden sadness and are hard on themselves. They may have a need for perfectionism.

Violet can bring out a single-mindedness of purpose or duty but not always serving from love. It can suggest great responsibility / heavy burden and unexpressed anger.

The High Church is represented by this colour as is spiritual pride and grandiosity – it can provide the outer trappings but no essence of spirit or to be so heavenly as to be of no use on earth.

Violet can bring up difficulties with boundaries and with parents. There can be a hidden shame of being different and a difficult of sharing their pain with others.

The need for Violet is

"to be understood"

An affirmation suitable for this colour is

"I have the right to be different".

Of course, this won’t happen just by saying it once off. Each and every time you feel unworthy or stuck in the past, just focus on the affirmation of your choice.

Other affirmations that would be suitable for this colour are “I am good enough” or “I have the right to make mistakes”

This colour connects with

Chakra and physical areas associated with Violet are the Crown, Top of Head, Pineal Gland, Highest Brain Functions, and generally the entire Body.

Physical areas that fall under this colour are Skull conditions, Pineal gland, Nervous conditions, Anti-inflammatory conditions.

Crystals / Gems

That may provide assistance with these issues

Crystals / gems appropriate for this colour are Amethyst, Agate, Diamond, Fluorite, Kunzite, Labradorite, Opal and Clear Quartz.

violet gemstones

Clothing is another easy way to benefit from the energy of colour.  Violet / Purple isn’t your favourite colour?  Use socks or underwear in this colour as a great way of reminding yourself that you are connected and have confidence – and no-one will know.

If that doesn’t suit you, how about violet sheets (or just a pillowcase) or bathe in bath-salts in this gorgeous colour.

Drinking from a violet glass or eating off a purple plate.   All these things will just hold your attention and remind you that you are on a journey to reconnect.

I hope you found this page helpful.

Do not to use any information from this blog to diagnose yourself and others or to treat serious conditions or ailments.

If you would like to explore the Metaphysical benefits of Gemstones, Minerals, Crystals and Colour, please contact your local Colour or Gemstone Therapist.


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