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What Length Necklace Should I Order

How to choose the necklace length that suits you

Names of some Standard Necklace Lengths

  • Collar – this style fits closely around the neck 
  • Choker – sits around the base of the neck.
  • Princess – sits on the collarbone and is a popular length
  • Matinee – Falls below the collarbone and above the bust
  • Opera – falls below the bust
  • Rope / Lariat – Falls towards the naval.  These are the longest style with the rope not having a clasp while the lariat does.

These longer styles can be worn long as a single strand, wrapped two or even three times for a layered look or knotted.

Standard Mens Necklace Lengths

  • 18 inch (46cm) – sits at the base of the neck.
  • 20 inch (51cm) – sits at the collarbone
  • 22 inch (56cm) – sits below the collarbone
  • 24 inch (61cm) – sits above the sternum
  • Over 24 inch sits on or below the sternum

Remember this is a guide only: Account for your height and body proportions to determine the ideal length.

How to measure for a custom necklace

The fall of the mentioned lengths will be determined by your height and fullness of your neck and chest, and also the size of the beads used in the design.

Decide where you would like the necklace to sit, then take a piece of string or similar and drape it around your neck.  Bring the string together at the point on your chest you would like the necklace to sit.  Note this on the string with a marker, or by cutting it at that point.  Lay the string out flat and measure.  This is the length to request your necklace be made to.

Please remember this does not include the additional length of any pendant or tassel which you will need to be mindful of.

This easy to wear style has and has no clasp making it easy to wear and perfect for people with allergies to metals. Its length means it can just be popped over your head.

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