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Harmony Necklace gemstone necklace original design by MaxineFaye Handcrafted Jewellery

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Bibra Lake bird hide on western side of reserve an inspiration for colours and textures

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Award Winning Designs

Designed and Created by MaxineFaye

Several of my designs have won awards which is always an honour when competing with peers.  

I enjoy competing in these exhibitions and competitions, as some have a theme to adhere to and that is a great way to get out of my comfort zone and learn a new technique or use a new material.


1st Place – Jewellery Category – Perth Royal Show

Links of Artistic wire in Gunmetal were hand formed on a WigJig. They are linked to the Gunmetal wire wrapped Czech Jablonex Vitrial bicones by Boho Gold jump rings.13 more Jablonex Vitrial bicones dangle from Boho Gold headpins. Satin ribbons form the clasp enabling the design to be worn at a range of lengths. 

Citrus Garden

2nd Place – Beading Category – Perth Royal Show

More than 130 single Xilion cut 4mm Swarovski crystals in Jonquil, Light topaz, Sunflower and Swarovski 5301 in Sun are matched with Miyuki 11/0 Transparent AB Green Delicas in this gorgeous necklace. 

Swarovski Crystal diamantes and a faceted teardrop complete the design.

Award winning design: Chenille stitched long necklace

Tropical Adventures

3rd Place – Original Design Category – Perth Royal Show

Sections of tubular chenille stitch in yellow and green are punctuated with sections of Czech druk beads and tiny silver stars. 

A beautiful Lamp-work bead (looks a bit like a pineapple) and beaded tassel hangs from a Peyote stitched bail.

Awards from the Perth Royal Show

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1st Place – Beading – Woven (on or off Loom) Division

This gorgeous bracelet received 1st Place in the Beading – Woven (on or off Loom) Division of the West Australian Lapidary and Rockhunting Clubs Annual Awards.

Transparent cherry red glass beads & opaque metallic gold mix glass seed-beads are combined with stitching and wire to create this cheerful bracelet. 5 sets of “cherry” charms are created using the same red glass beads and Czech pressed glass leaves.


2nd Place – Beading – Woven (on or off Loom) Division

Like a wild but contained garden. Gorgeous transparent Czech pressed glass bell flowers and leaves drip from these spirals like buds bursting into bloom.

This beautiful Green Spiral Rope Necklace was awarded 2nd place in the Beading – Woven (on or off Loom) Division of the West Australian Lapidary and Rockhunting Clubs Annual Awards.

award winning, original, OOAK handcrafted beaded jewellery b MaxineFaye
Petra - 2nd Place - Wired or Strung - Ready to Wear Division - West Australian Lapidary and Rockhunting Club


2nd Place – Wired or Strung – Ready to Wear Division

Three strands of glass beads in Opaque Rose Gold Topaz lustre are paired with gold flattened bead-cones with an etched leaf design and was awarded 2nd place in the Beading Division (wired or strung) of the West Australian Lapidary and Rockhunting Club’s Annual Competition.

A piece of jewellery wired or strung together. Jewellery must be ready to wear. Judging is based on aesthetics, originality and design.

Awards and Trophy from the West Australian Lapidary and Rockhunting Club’s Annual Competition


2nd Place – Theme (Scarecrow) – Perth Royal Show

To honour the Year of the Farmer, the theme for this competition was “Scarecrow”.

Wanting to do something out of the box, I consequently came up with this design and hence called her Ceres.  Which I thought was especially relevant as she was the Goddess of sowing and reaping.

Each wooden scrabble tile was hand-drilled to create the thread-path I wanted, as a result all the threads are internal and can not be seen outside the tiles.

Hand drilled scrabble tiles, glass beads and crystal faceted teardrops for Scarecrow themed competition at Perth Royal Show


First Place Award Winner – Cockburn Community & Cultural Council Inc

My piece, “Deandra” won First Place at the Cockburn Community & Cultural Council Inc Awards in the Jewellery – Wearable division.

Diamond shaped components are joined with handmade links of wire and Czech fire-polished glass. A pressed brass stamping creates the base of the pendant which is highlighted with Czech Jablonex Vitrial bicones and Boho Gold round corrugated metal beads.

Additional drops of Vitrial bicones and Boho Gold metal beads are suspended from many of the jump rings creating lots of movement and sparkle to the design. The neck ring is wrapped with Gunmetal coloured wire while the centre features more sparkling Vitrial bicones.


First Place Award Winner – Non Seed Bead Division – Bead Guild of WA inc

The piece “Morocco” won First Place in the non-seed bead category.

I was excited with the result as the Judges were leaders in their fields and I was competing against some wonderful beaders.

This design was made from laser cut Cherry wood components linked with wire wrapping and Swarovski Crystals.

Monocco First Place Award Winner – Non Seed Bead Division – Bead Guild of WA inc

Awarded Certificates

Beach Bag - Joint Award Winner - Theme (Summer) - Bead Guild of WA Inc

Beach Bag

Joint Award Winner – Theme (Summer) – Bead Guild of WA Inc

“Summer” Theme Bead Guild of WA challenge – This colourful Beach Bag design was chosen as a joint winner!

The title of the Bead Guild Members “Challenge” was ‘Summer’ and members could make anything they wished from the beads supplied.

Beading challenges and competitions are a great way of getting the creative juices flowing.

Members could use as much or as little as they like from the kit, and could add more from their own stash but points were earnt for each bead/item used from the kit.

The kit contained, memory wire, chain, seed-beads, lamp-worked beads, bugles, crackle beads, pearls, flower beads and 5 different forms of fibre.

Beach Bag close up - Joint Award Winner - Theme (Summer) - Bead Guild of WA Inc

I have a fabulous range of original and unique one-of-a-kind pieces currently available in my online store or you can contact me to arrange a custom made piece – just for you.

Jewellery Jargon: Findings

Findings – what does it all mean?

Findings – a word used in beadwork and jewellery making, that may sound confusing in descriptions or statements. This post will hopefully help you to understand what the items I mention actually are and how I use them in my designs.  I have other Jewellery Jargon posts and you might find clasp styles helpful.

wire guardian findings

Wire guardians, Wire protectors

Beading wire and threads can be damaged by wear and tear from clasps and other components.

Wire guardian are little horseshoe-shaped tubes through which beading wire or thread is passed. The arched section is open on one side for ease of threading. The solid sections protect the wire from wear on clasps or connectors.

French wire, Bouillon, Gimp

I may use Bullion or French wire on some designs. It provides a similar protection but is more supple and flexible. It looks like a little soft spring and is available in different size tubes.

French wire is often used to attach a clasp to pearl strands to protect the silk thread.

French wire, Bouillon, Gimp - findings
crimp beads and crimp cover bead findings

Crimp beads, Crimp covers

Crimp beads are hollow round or tubed beads which are crimped into place to secure beading wires.

The crimp covers are round beads that have an open seam and when positioned over the original crimp it is closed along its seam. This provides a neat appearance and protect delicate clothing. Squashed crimps without covers may have sharp edges that catch on clothing or scratch skin.

Charlottes, Bead-tips, Clamshell knot concealers

Beads tips, knot covers, clamshells, and calottes are names of covers used to hide crimped beads, the knots in thread and cord and some are used to finish ball chain designs. 

Bead tip variations include bottom clamp with double closed loops like pictured, but also side clamp, single loop, open loop, and may be plain or decorative (ladybugs, turtles, flowers etc)

Charlottes, Bead-tips, Clamshell knot concealers

This collage shows how all these elements come together to create a neat look which protects the wire and the beads. The crimping pliers pictured have two groove sections in the jaw. The rear groove creates a “half-moon” or folds the crimp bead onto the wire (top right photo) and the front section rolls the crimp bead into shape (middle left and centre photos). The rolled crimp bead can be left in that state, or finished with a crimp cover (remainder of photos) creating a neat and protective finish.


Do you have any suggestions or requests for information on other terminology that you are unsure of.
I would love to hear from you

I have a fabulous range of original and unique one-of-a-kind pieces currently available in my online store or you can contact me to arrange a custom made piece – just for you.

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Handcrafted Beaded Jewellery

MaxineFaye Jewellery: Handcrafted in Western Australia

The combinations of colour, texture and the “feel” of the beads inspire my original designs and as a beaded jewellery artisan I love working with colour and light,  The unique shapes and colour combinations of lamp-work and art-glass, the precision and sparkle of Swarovski crystal and the organic feel of semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls, and metals are all considered in my designs.

MaxineFaye Jewellery: Handcrafted in Western Australia

MaxineFaye Jewellery: The Evolution of a Dream

Beaded Jewellery has become an obsession

I took a beaded jewellery course at a local Recreation Centre and was hooked immediately.  I have always been crafty and have dabbled in Folk Art, Macramé, Decoupage, Lead-lighting, Woodwork and many other forms of creativity.  But being able to design and create beautiful Jewellery with the colours and stones I love is amazing.

I have been honoured with awards for my beadwork and enjoy the excitement of the challenge.  Using materials or techniques that I wouldn’t generally incorporate in my designs is a great way to stimulate the creative juices. Seeing other people enjoying and wearing my designs is very exciting and I love receiving testimonials from my happy customers.

Bespoke and commissioned work, repairs and remodelling of customers’ existing pieces and classes are other services I offer.  Contact me to arrange an appointment.

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The Environment is another passion

Much of my packaging is recycled or compostable.  Both to keep down the costs and to reduce waste. Some of my beaded jewellery designs use recycled or up-cycled materials.  This is always clearly indicated in the description of the piece.

Our house is set up as energy saving as we are able.  We use solar energy, water saving devises, an inline water filter for the whole house. LED lighting, ceiling fans for both relief in summer and to keep the heat down during winter further reduce the running costs.

The garden follows a general permaculture / no dig practice. We harvest our own avocado, citrus and other fruit and vegetables. Vegetables and herbs which benefit from shade sit under some shrubs, while the heat loving plants find their spots on the edges of the gardens.  The garden isn’t always tidy, (who am I kidding – it is seldom tidy) but the bees and butterflies (and children) seem to enjoy it.

The chooks have yet to read the “no dig” agreement though!  They help dispose of the kitchen waste and reward us with eggs, so are generally forgiven.  When they stop laying, they enjoy their retirement foraging around the back yard.  We could never eat them.

Hubby has recently set up some native beehives in the front yard.  These aren’t for honey, but to encourage them to stay in the garden to protect it from pests and to help pollinate the plants.

Chickens in the backyard environment at MaxineFaye Handcrafted Jewellery

Family, Friends & Community

Friends, family and community are important parts of my life.  I donate Gift Vouchers, Jewellery items and Class Certificates to assist Community Groups with their fund-raising.  I attend Community events where visitors (young and young-at-heart) can make their own beaded sun-catchers.

Suncatcher brooch decoration bug dragonfly butterfly classes at MaxineFaye handcrafted beaded jewellery Bibra Lake Western Australia

You can view and purchase my designs online, at selected events and exhibitions in and around Perth, Western Australia or from the Bibra Lake studio (by appointment).

Due to my attention to detail, adding extras like crimp covers and wire guardians, all my original designs come with a 12-month workmanship guarantee.

Check if you are eligible to receive free postage within Australia when you purchase online, or arrange to Click’n’Collect for FREE local pick-up from Bibra Lake.

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