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Jewellery Jargon


Findings, is a word used in beadwork and jewellery making, that may sound confusing in descriptions or statements. This post will hopefully help you to understand what the items I mention actually are and how I use them in my designs.  I have another post on clasp styles that you might also find helpful.

Wire Guardians

Wire guardians, Wire protectors, French wire, Bouillon, Gimp

wire guardian findings

Beading wire and threads can be damaged by the wear and tear of clasps and other components.

A wire guardian or wire protector is a little horseshoe-shaped tube through which beading wire or thread is passed. The arched section is open on one side for ease of threading, but the solid sections protect the wire from wear on clasps or connectors.

Sometimes I may use Bullion/French wire which does the same thing but is a different product and not as firm. (It looks like a little soft spring)

Crimps & Crimp Covers

Crimp beads, Crimp tubes, Crimp covers, Charlottes and Bead-tips

crimp beads and crimp cover bead findings

Crimp beads are generally round or tubed.  Once in position over the wire they are crimped or squashed into place to secure the wires.

The crimp covers are round beads that have an open seam. Once the wire has been crimped into place, a cover is positioned over the original crimp and is gently closed along its seam. This provides a neat appearance but also protects you or delicate clothing from the sharp edges that may be on some flattened crimps by covering them.

Similar covers are made to hide the knots in thread and cord.  This style is in the centre back of this picture.

Crimp covers and wire guardians provide a professional finish to my designs.

In the photo above you can see how all these elements come together to create a neat look which protects the wire and the beads.

Beading Wire

Nylon Coated Beading Wire

beading wire findings

Beading wire is a stringing material made up of several thin stainless-steel strands . It’s generally coated with a layer of nylon that protects the wires from wear and tear and gives it a softer, more supple feel. The coating can be clear or coloured allowing a better match to the colour of the beads or gemstones.

In general the larger the number of strands of wire strands the more flexible and string-like it will feel while a smaller number of strand gives a stiffer and more kinkable thread. 

The beading wire is usually made up of 7, 19 and 49 strands and range in diameter from fine to thick and like fishing wire each have a different “break” strength and a different cost factor.

I hope you found this page helpful.

Do you have any suggestions or requests for information on other terminology that you are unsure of.
I would love to hear from you 

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