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 A metamorphic rock, Unakite is formed from granite. Heated reactive fluids passing through the granite replace some of ther original minerals with epidote.  While generally leaving the pink coloured feldspar and greyish-clear quartz uneffected, this process adds the green of the epidote. This process is called metasomatism. ⁠

Metasomatic rocks can be extremely varied and often a microscope is required to recognise the altered state depending on the source of fluid in the reaction.

Looking like green granite, Unakite distinctly demonstrates this change and is reasonably easy to identify.

I designed this beautiful necklace using Unakite chips and pairing the salmon pink colour with raw copper beads.  This combination compliments the greens of the Unakite.

Unakite chips, raw copper beads and three interlaced elephants carved bone necklace

An intricate, carved bone chain, features 3 elephants holding the tail of the animal in front with the trunk of the one behind.  The creaminess of this carved section is a perfect foil to the colour mix of the Unakite

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