The Metaphysical Properties of Colour

Colour can be used to bring balance to our lives.

colourful bubbles

Using Colour, in any form, may benefit your physical, mental and spiritual state.

Colour influences our choices every day mostly without us even knowing – we even talk in colour
(“I’m feeling blue”, “He has a yellow streak”, “She was green with envy”).

To find out more about your favourite (or least favourite) colour,
the strengths, needs, affirmations, chakras and stones associated with it, click on the following colour links.

Some easy ways to use colours are:-

  • Dress in it.  Underwear and socks are an easy way of using colours you wouldn’t usually wear.
  • Eat it.  Make a salad of your required coloured vegetables or fruits.
  • Drink it.  Put your water in a coloured bottle and let it sit in the light.
  • Bathe in it.  Put flowers etc of your chosen colour into your bath.
  • Surround yourself with it.  Paint your room.  Add accessories.
  • Wear it.  Use jewellery to add the colours you require.  Double up on this by using Gemstone and Crystal jewellery to get the Metaphysical benefits of the colour and the properties of the stone.

I hope you find this information helpful

Do not to use this information to diagnose yourself or others or to treat serious conditions or ailments.

For serious conditions, please refer to your trusted medical or alternative practitioner.

If you would like to explore the Metaphysical benefits of colours further, please contact your local colour therapist.

colourful birds feeding