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What Size Bracelet Should You Order

How to choose the bracelet size that suits you

Are you wondering if one of my bracelets will fit you… just add your wrist size to the sizes below, depending on how you would like it to fit your wrist.  If you are concerned I can always add an extension chain and lobster clasp to the design. Contact me to discuss other options.

What size-how to measure for the perfect bracelet length guide

How to measure for your perfect bracelet size

Measure your wrist with a tape placed firmly (but not tight). If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string or a strip of paper and once marked, lay it flat and measure with a ruler.

  • Firm fit: Add ¼” to ½” to your wrist size (approx. 6mm
    to 13mm)
  • Comfortable fit: Add ¾” to 1” to your wrist size (approx. 19mm to 25mm)
  • Loose fit: Add 1 ¼” (approx. 32mm)

For example – your wrist measures 6 inches:

  • You like a firm fitting style, add ½ inch, resulting in a bracelet length of 6.5 inches
  • You prefer a comfortable fit, add 1 inch, resulting in a bracelet length of 7 inches.
  • You opt for a loose fit, add 1 ¼ inches, resulting in a bracelet length of 7.25 inches.

What size Bracelet should you order?

Remember, if you’re unsure, adding an extension chain or an adjustable knot can provide flexibility in fit.

If you’re purchasing a bracelet as a gift and can’t measure the recipient’s wrist, you can use the average wrist sizes provided to estimate the appropriate length.

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