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Quick Tip 1

A quick tip for threading beads with small holes.

Lay your thread on a board and using a sharp flat blade held at an angle drag the blade firmly but not too hard away from you.

(I used a cutting board and a small paring knife – but forgot to take a picture of that part of the process).

Continue this action and you will end up with a bundle of threads that have been “shaved” off the original cord and a thinner and irregular end to the original thread.

Add Your Favourite Glue

At this stage drip some of your favourite bead glue along the length of the thinned section.

(I used Hypo-Cement) 

Do The Twist

Remember to turn the same direction as the original thread.

Working in the same direction as the original cord, twist the glued ends around each other until you end up with a fine point.
Allow to dry (and harden). It is now ready for threading through those pesky little holes in beads like pearls and some gemstones.

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Serenity Chrysocolla-quartz-and-blue-aventurine-tassel-necklace-MaxineFaye
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