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Star Gazer Collection
A stack of gemstone bracelets
 The Solar Bracelets in this picture represent the planets in our solar system and the wearer is the sun. The planets orbit around their wrist. How special is that?
The matte black Onyx of deep space are joined by Citrine (Mercury), Rose Quartz (Venus), Azurite (Earth), Moonstone (Moon), Carnelian (Mars), Amethyst (Jupiter), Pyrite (Saturn), Clear Quartz (Uranus), Fluorite (Neptune) and Cloudy Quartz (Pluto).
In this post I will discuss the stones and planets relationships.
The photo depicts some of the colour differences within the stones, especially Azurite (which can be more green or blue), Fluorite which has different intensities of greens and purple shades and Cloudy Quartz with the different shades of grey.
If you have a preference for one of these options, or would like to use a different stone associated with the planets, please contact me to arrange a custom piece.
Star gazer stones

Crystal Association

Planet, Crystal and Star Sign Connection

The Sun is the most important aspect of your birth chart as it represents your core being.  When wearing this bracelet, you represent the sun!

The closest planet to the Sun is Mercury, the ruling planet for Gemini and Virgo.  Citrine is a stone often associated with Mercury and provides the properties of intelligence, logic and communication

Venus is considered the planet of love and sits well with the unconditional love associated with Rose Quartz.  The signs of Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.


Solar system Star Signs and Planets

Earth and it's Moon

Earth is the next planet in the solar system, and I have chosen Azurite to represent our beautiful blue planet. Azurite can clear confusion and enable you to see and perceive the world clearly.

Moonstone is associated with the Moon which represents the reactive or habit-forming self and Moonstone can help enhance healthy habits.  The Moon is technically not a planet, but it has a huge influence over us.  Just consider the effect it has on the tides.


Crystal Association

Planet, Crystal and Star Sign Connection

Solar system bracelet is part of the Star Gazer Collection

The red planet, Mars is associated Carnelian which can calm excessive energy and enable one to become more assertive.  Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries and traditionally Scorpio was also considered to fall under its rule.

Jupiter is considered the planet of expansion and the ruler of Sagittarius. Pieces was traditionally considered under its rule.  Amethyst is one of the stones associated with Jupiter and can aid right brain activity and help see opportunities and growth

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn while Aquarius traditionally sat under its rule.  Saturn represents structure and lessons in life and Pyrite grounds us and provides clear, practical thinking and enhances practicality.

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and is considered the planet of renovation and restructuring.  Clear Quartz is often linked to this planet.  It stimulates brain functions and provides clarity.  Considered a Master Healer it can be used to intensify surrounding energies.

The ruler of the sign Pisces, Neptune represents imagination, mysticism and creativity.  A stone connected to this planet, Fluorite helps us to grasp higher, more abstract concepts and facilitates inter dimensional communications.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planer of transformation. Cloudy Quartz can purify negative energy, revive your vitality and give you the strength to regenerate.


Solar system

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Star Gazer Bracelets
Solar system bracelet stack

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