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More metaphysical properties of this colour

More gold colour properties


This is a follow-on post from an earlier series on the Metaphysical Properties of Colour.

As we look a bit deeper into the Properties of Colour, you may find reading these first, or at least referring to them will help you understand what I am talking about in this post.

How can we benefit from this colour?

This is a follow-on post from an earlier post on the Metaphysical Properties of Gold.  It is from a series of posts about Colour Properties.

You may find reading these first, or at least referring to them will help you understand what I am talking about in this post.

Gold energy brings with it enlightenment and deep joy.  Using this colour we can tap into our innate understanding and our rightful  happiness.

Gold in its purest form can show us our True Aura,  remind us that we are evolved souls and provides the alchemy to enable us to fulfill our purpose.


Gold spiritual statue, religious, peaceful, healing hands

How can the lessons be addressed?

If we have feelings of self-righteousness or become judgemental, it may be from an abundance of Gold energy. Gold energy can be debased and addictive. Meditation and tuning into our inner wisdom is one way we can retain our power!  The metal Gold can be taken back to its purest form, and we too can reconnect to the ecstasy of our original source.

An excess of Gold energy can bring confusion or lack of trust. It may raise security issues where we feel fearful and not safe.  In this case, introducing some blue may allay fears and frustration and bring peace and trust.

An affirmation to say each day is

“I am valued”

As with other things we often hear people say “fake it until you make it” and this could apply to the affirmations. You may not feel valued on day 1, but stay with it and with repetition you will feel the value and respect that you desire.

Chakra and Physical areas associated with Gold

If any of these areas or conditions listed under the Chakra and Physical areas are causing concern, you can look at using pieces of Gold, Pyrite or golden coloured crystals. Small pieces can be worn as jewellery, carried in your pocket or use larger specimens in your office or bedroom.

Clothing is another easy way to benefit from the energy of colour. Don’t wear Gold? Wear Gold coloured underwear or socks if you need confidence or courage – and no-one will know.

Although there are not many naturally occurring foods available for Gold – you could eat of a golden plate, sip from gold patterned glassware or use gold utensils to bring the intent of this colour to mind.

gold nugget sitting on wet rocks

I hope you found this page helpful.

Do not to use any information from this blog to diagnose yourself and others or to treat serious conditions or ailments

If you would like to explore the Metaphysical benefits of Gemstones, Minerals, Crystals and Colour, please contact your local Colour or Gemstone Therapist.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to arrange to visit the studio.
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