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Cleaning & Caring: Rhodium Plated Jewellery

Cleaning specific jewellery pieces

Jewellery consists of many different materials, metals, stones, gems and organic materials.

Each material brings its own cleaning challenges.  If in doubt please just wipe your piece over with a soft cloth after each wear.  This will remove dirt, grime and body oils before you place it back into storage which will keep it looking its best longer.

In some designs the stones or focal pieces are glued into position and some cleaners (even water) may loosen the hold over time causing the focal to fall out.

Caring for Rhodium Plated Jewellery

Clean rhodium plated jewellery with warm water and a mild liquid soap.  Rinse and dry immediately with a soft polishing cloth to avoid leaving water marks.

Rhodium plating is not a permanent coating and will wear off over time.  Do not do the dishwashing or apply hand lotions when wearing a plated ring. This contact with chemicals will cause the rhodium to wear away faster.

Don’t use any chemicals on your rhodium items including those for silver or gold.  This includes specialized cleaning cloths. Rhodium plate should not be cleaned with abrasives of any kind including toothpaste and brushes. 

  • Ultrasonic cleaners are not suitable for use on this material.  

You can arrange with your jeweller to have your plating reapplied if the wear becomes too noticeable.

I was recently asked how to tell if a piece is Rhodium Plated.

  • Firstly your jeweller should be able to tell you if your piece is Rhodium plated or the more expensive Platinum.
  • Rhodium is plated over gold and commonly called “white gold”. It will generally be stamped 10k or 14k to indicate what type of gold it is. If a silver-coloured piece has a gold stamp then its Rhodium plated.
  • If it’s an older piece, you may be able to see the gold colour through any worn areas.

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The yellow-orange of the 10mm Aragonite stones contrast well with the opaque blue-green of the faceted Amazonite beads.
The feature of this necklace is a mix of lamp-work glass beads featuring spots or raised bumps in a combination of white, blue, yellow and pale tea

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