This bracelet is part of the Star Gazer Collection which has either astrological or astronomical properties.

Visit the blog for more information on the stones in this bracelet and how they relate to the planets in our solar system at Star Gazer Collection | MaxineFaye Handcrafted Jewellery



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Solar System Gemstone & Silver Bracelet

Who’s the centre of your universe? This Solar System bracelet might be just the gift for them.
The Solar System Bracelet represents the planets in our solar system and the wearer is the sun. The planets orbit around their wrist. How special is that?
The matte black Onyx of deep space are joined by Citrine (Mercury), Rose Quartz (Venus), Azurite (Earth), Moonstone (Moon), Carnelian (Mars), Amethyst (Jupiter), Pyrite (Saturn), Clear Quartz (Uranus), Fluorite (Neptune) and Cloudy Quartz (Pluto).
This genuine gemstone bracelet is part of the Star Gazer Collection.  It is an average size bracelet and will fit a 18cm wrist.
I have written a post on how to measure your wrist to get the best fit for your bracelet on my blog.