Pressed glass is an important term when referring to Czech glass beads.  Artisans create these beads by taking heated glass and pressing it into a shaped mould. The glass, while it is molten hot, takes the shape of the mould.  In this case a round bead, but they can be formed in 100s of shapes.


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Jane Faceted Glass Bohemian Fire-Polished Earrings

The faceted glass round fire polished beads and the smooth round Czech pressed druk beads combination together create an elegant and timeless style.

Three opaque black glass beads are stacked above an 8mm Czech fire polished glass bead and are separated by a tiny silver round to create these lovely earrings.

They are a great pair to add to a classic black dress and will look equally fabulous with the Jane necklace which contains the same combination of beads.

The total length is approx. 4.25cm