The first record of “press moulded” beads was at a trade show in Praque in 1829.  Now glass beads are produced by the millions in this tiny Bohemian region, and being exported all over the world. The actual making of the beads still remains a cottage industry in the Czech Republic, where machines and moulds are bought by families and used in their homes.


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Glacé Cherries Czech Pressed & Fire-Polished Glass Earrings

Looking like they have escaped from a Cherry Cake is how these little earrings got their name of Glacé Cherries.

The beautiful Indicolite green of the Czech fire-polished glass bead is topped by a little clear Czech pressed bellflower. This little bead is the palest green and seems to soak up the deeper colour.

This fun style is approx. 3.75cm long and will look great with most seasons’ fashions.