The Czech pressed glass beads are shaped like bell flowers by heating a rod of glass until molten and pressing into moulds where it is stamped, and holes are pierced. The beads are then tumbled to soften the seam lines.


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Forest Fairy Bohemian Pressed Glass Flower Earrings

Gorgeous milky Teal bell flowers are the little heroes of this design and look fabulous enough for a little forest fairy to wear.

The Czech pressed bell flower is approx. 12mm while the Indicolite and Emerald glass beads are 6mm and 4mm.

The beautiful Czech Bohemian fire polished Indicolite glass bead sits sandwiched between two smooth silver scalloped edge bead caps and is separated from the bell flower by a little silver round bead while the smaller Emerald green bead peeks out from beneath the bell flower’s petals.

This playful design is approx. 4.75cm long