Clear Quartz is often thought to stimulates brain functions and provides clarity. Considered a Master Healer it can be used to intensify surrounding energies.


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Quartz Crystal Doughnut & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

This natural Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet features 15mm doughnut beads with gorgeous 4mm Purple Velvet Swarovski crystals separating them and 3mm nestled within each of their centres.

Antiqued spiral patterned flat round beads complete the design.

This beautiful crystal bracelet will fit up to a 19cm wrist.

Swarovski crystal has pioneered precision glass-cutting techniques since the company’s creation in 1895 to provide, as founder Daniel Swarovski said, “A diamond for everyone.”

This Austrian crystal is now synonymous with undeniable quality and luxury in jewellery creations the world over. Select from a dazzling array of shapes, colours, finishes and sizes of beads and other crystal components considered the finest products of their kind.