Jasper is chalcedony quartz. It gets its multi-coloured properties from impurities in the stone. The large Mustang Jasper beads in this bracelet are smooth with a well-polished lustre finish.  


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Unity Copper & Mustang Jasper Bracelet

Copper spacers add contrast to the 10mm Mustang Jasper with its dark, smoky base and flashes of red. The copper is repeated in the clasp and findings including wire guardians and crimp covers.

This bracelet fits an 18cm wrist.  I have written a post on how to measure your wrist to get the best fit for your bracelet on my blog.

Jasper comes in many colours and patterns and is known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” It is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing.

Different varieties of Jasper provide subtle differences in energies. Multi-coloured Jasper carries the properties of its dominant colour.

All beads are strung onto a nylon coated stainless steel wire and have clasps. They are completed with crimps covers and wire guardians giving a professional finish.

These are not on stretchy elastic which has a common fault of breaking.