HurriCane glass is a combination of multiple glass colours that can change appearance and swirl pattern based on the conditions at the time of pressing. Each batch is unique and unlikely to be reproduced in the same form.


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Carnelian Cubes Czech Bohemian Glass Earrings

These delightful little earrings get their name Carnelian Cubes from a combination of the beads.  The cubes are made of Czech HurriCane glass in a combination of multiple glass colours with no two beads being the same. The cubed beads in these earrings are a combination of yellows and oranges in various tones.

They are matched with a Czech fire polished faceted glass bead in a beautiful deep carnelian red shade which pairs up nicely with the other warm tones.

These cute little earrings are only 3.5cm long, but will be a fun addition to your jewellery box.