Alexandrite glass, changes colour according to the lighting conditions. This glass appears lilac or pinkish in natural sunlight (or yellow artificial light), or a smoky blue under fluorescent or white light.


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Alexandrite Pressed Glass Flower Blossom Earrings

Large flat pressed glass flower beads in a beautiful colour shifting Alexandrite are the feature of these awesome earrings.

These flowers measure approx. 16mm wide and 4mm deep and are slightly concave.  Within the curve I have set a smooth silver scalloped bead cap which repeats the pattern of the main flower and a tiny pale silvery blue fire-polished glass crystal.

A silver puffed daisy spacer bead sits the other side of the Alexandrite glass and this is topped with two more of the fire-polished crystals separated by a tiny silver round bead.

The colour changing effect of the main bead along with the sparkle of the tiny crystals give this piece a stunning appeal.

The total length is approx. 4.25cm