These are standard sizes, but the beauty of purchasing handmade is that you can have a design made to the length you need.  An extension chain enables the necklace to be adjusted to suit your neckline.

Longer strands are great for popping over your head without a clasp and are suitable for people with mobility or dexterity issues.



How to decide on what Necklace length you need.

Decide where you would like the necklace to sit then take a piece of string or similar and drape it around your neck.
Bring the string together at the point on your chest you would like your necklace to sit.
Note this on the string with a marker or by cutting it at that point. Lay the string out flat and measure how long is it?
This is the length to look for or to request your necklace be made to.
Please remember this does not include the length of any pendant or tassel which you will need to be mindful of.
  • A Collar style fits tightly around the neck
  • A Choker rests at the base of the neck
  • The Princess length sits on the collarbone
  • A Matinee necklace falls below the collarbone
  • The Opera hangs below the bust and can often be worn doubled or knotted
  • A Rope style falls towards the navel and can be layered, knotted, wrapped etc
To provide a professional finish to my designs I  add crimp covers, a round bead with an open seam which once positioned over the crimped bead is pressed into place forming a smooth cover. This protects the wearer and any delicate fabrics from sharp edges
I also use little horseshoe-shaped wire guardians. These handy little items protect the wire or thread from the ongoing wear and tear of clasps etc and will prolong the life of the piece. It also gives a nice neat look to the loops.