If you are purchasing as a gift and not sure of the measurements, you may find these standard sizes helpful.  Another option is to ask for an extension chain to be added to allow an adjustment in the final fitting.



To find your bracelet size, just add your wrist size to the sizes below depending on what fit you like the best.

Tight fit: Add 0.635 – 1.27cm

Comfortable fit: Add 1.905 – 2.54 cm

Loose fit: Add 3.175cm.

I have written a post on how to measure your wrist to get the best fit for your bracelet on my blog.

To provide a professional finish to my designs I  add crimp covers, a round bead with an open seam which once positioned over the crimped bead is pressed into place forming a smooth cover. This protects the wearer and any delicate fabrics from sharp edges
I also use little horseshoe-shaped wire guardians. These handy little items protect the wire or thread from the ongoing wear and tear of clasps etc and will prolong the life of the piece. It also gives a nice neat look to the loops.