Hurricane glass is the mixture of excess raw glass canes pressed into shapes like these fun beads. The beads are a combination of multiple glass colours that change the overall colour and swirl patterns based on the conditions at the time of pressing.  Each batch is unique and very difficult to reproduce.

All my original designs are handcrafted by me in Western Australia and most, like this one, are one of a kind. (OOAK)


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Asymmetrical Blue Pressed Bohemian Glass Sweetheart Necklace

This asymmetrical design is approx 55.5cm long and consists of Czech clear faceted rounds and assorted Czech HurriCane glass beads including cubes, hearts, shields and flat drops.

Round glass beads in pale and mid blue add depth to the design.

This piece is finished with a very strong small magnetic clasp and silver-plated wire guardians and crimp covers provide a professional finish.


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