Rainbow rhyolite features an intriguing variety of colours, patterns and inclusions. These gemstones are well-polished for a smooth surface and nice sheen. 

The 8mm gemstones are natural (not dyed or treated).


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Rainbow Rhyolite and Bronze Shade Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Rhyolite is said to offer balance, increase self-esteem and self-worth while helping to bring resolution to issues.

This stone is thought to facilitate change while helping to deal calmly with challenges. Rhyolite is believed to assist in fulfilling one’s goals and making one’s dreams come true while strengthening the soul, body and mind.

These earthy earrings are created by beautifully coloured Rainbow Rhyolite gemstones peeping out from the base of an ornate long bead-cone decorated with dots and scrolls.

The contemporary neutral appearance of the Bronze Shade Swarovski Crystals displays a shining natural earth tone with an antiqued bronze look which pairs well with the Bronze Czech druk beads which complete this design.

The total length of these delightful earrings is approx 5.25cm.



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