Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my Blog

I am so glad you have found yourself here.

MaxineFaye Handcrafted Jewellery blog page.  Including the Metaphysical properties of colour and crystals.

Lets get to know each other! Here's a bit about me.

As a beaded jewellery artisan who loves colour and light, some of my posts will be on information surrounding the Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones, Crystals, Minerals and Colour and how we can use this information in our daily life rituals.

Some of my posts will be beading related such as Events or Awards.  I’ll add some beading information such as how to care to your beaded jewellery and great sites to visit.  

If you have any suggestions or requests I would love to hear from you.

Maxine, the Director and Artisan behind MaxineFaye https://www.maxinefaye.com.au/ Contact me for all your beaded jewellery needs. Original designs, Bespoke creations, Repairs or Remodelling of existing jewellery or Classes.

Metaphysical Studies

I studied the Aura Soma system of Colour Therapy to the Advanced Level.  The natural benefits of vibrations from colour, crystals, minerals & gemstones intrigues me and  I am always trying to find out more information on this subject.

Do you share this interest.  I would love to hear from you.  How do you use it in your everyday life?

Beaded Jewellery

Original design header

Beaded Jewellery is another obsession.  I took a course at a local Recreation Centre and was hooked immediately.  I have always been crafty and have dabbled in Folk Art, Macrame, Decoupage, Leadlighting, Woodwork and many other forms or creativity.  

But being able to design and create beautiful Jewellery with the colours and stones I love is amazing.

Seeing other people enjoying and wearing my designs is very exciting and I love receiving testimonials from my happy customers.

I have been honoured to win awards for my bead-work and enjoy the excitement of the challenge.  Using materials or techniques that I wouldn’t generally incorporate in my designs is stimulating.

Bespoke and commissioned work, repairs and remodelling of customers existing pieces and classes are other services I offer.  Contact me to arrange an appointment.

You can view (and hopefully purchase) my designs at Markets around Perth, Western Australia or from the Bibra Lake studio.

You also receive free standard postage within Australia when you purchase online. International orders may also receive free postage.

Due to my attention to detail, adding extras like crimp covers and wire guardians, all my original designs come with a 12 month guarantee.

The Environment

an orange sunset reflecting in the waters of Bibra Lake

Our environment is also a passion.  Much of my external packaging is recycled.  Both to keep down the costs and to reduce waste.

Some of my designs use recycled or up-cycled materials.  This is always clearly indicated in the description of the piece.

Our house is set up as energy saving as we are able.  We have solar hot water, solar energy, water saving taps, toilet and shower and an inline water filter for the whole house. LED lighting, ceiling fans for both relief in summer and to keep the heat down during winter further reduce the running costs.

The garden follows a general permaculture / no dig practice. We harvest our own avocado, mango and lily pily and have an upcoming crop of bananas and strawberries.  PawPaw seeds are just sprouting.

Vegetables and herbs which benefit from shade sit under some shrubs, while the heat loving  plants find their spots on the edges of the gardens.  The garden isnt always tidy, but the bees and butterflies (and children) seem to enjoy it.

The chooks have yet to read the “no dig” agreement though!  They help dispose of the kitchen waste and reward us with eggs, so are generally forgiven.  When they stop laying, they enjoy their retirement foraging around the back yard.  We could never eat them.

Hubby has recently set up a flow-hive for the bees in the backyard so we are looking forward to harvesting our own honey soon.  He is also in the process of setting up some native bee hives.  These aren’t for the honey, but to encourage them to stay in the garden to protect it from pests and to help pollinate the plants.

Family, Friends & Community

Green glass and crystal dragonfly suncatcher

Friends, family and community are important to me.  My favourite way to spend an evening is with family and friends.  Throw in a bottle of wine and some cheese and I am over the moon.  Also Bundy and chocolate wont be scoffed at.

I donate Gift Vouchers, Jewellery items and Class Certificates to Community Groups to assist with their fund-raising.  I also donate time and materials at the Connecting Art & Community events where I teach visitors (young and young-at-heart) to make their own beaded sun-catchers.

What's your passion?

Now you know about me. Tell me a bit about yourself.


Do you have a favourite hobby? Is there a cause you are ardent over?

I would love to know what things you enjoy.  What makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning?

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