More Colour Properties: Red

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More metaphysical properties of this colour

More red colour properties


This is a follow-on post from an earlier series on the Metaphysical Properties of Colour.

As we look a bit deeper into the Properties of Colour, you may find reading these first, or at least referring to them will help you understand what I am talking about in this post.

How can we benefit from this colour?

This is a follow-on post from an earlier post on the Metaphysical Properties of Red.  It is from a series of posts about Colour Properties.

You may find reading these first, or at least referring to them will help you understand what I am talking about in this post

Let’s start with the obvious. Red is the colour of blood. Without blood, a person cannot survive. Our blood provides us with oxygen and through our bodily reactions gives us the strength and vitality we need to function.

The survival issues mentioned as one of the Red properties refer to being able to provide food, shelter and clothing – again, without these items we couldn’t survive….or not for long.

This colour is associated with the Base or Root chakra which connects us to Earth and provides grounding. When you are feeling light-headed or have a foggy mind, it may be that you need to become more grounded. This chakra contains the genitalia and sexual drive needed for reproduction.

Red is considered the colour of enthusiasm and “get-up and go” which is why it is often suggested as a colour to wear when you wish to be within your power. It is a great colour to surround yourself with if you need energy, concentration or courage.

The colour of action and movement, it is often (maybe in jest) – stated that red cars go faster. It is a colour that suggests passion, courage and daring. Bull fighter’s and Superhero’s capes are an example of the use of this colour to convey the message. Red roses are given to loved ones and dates such as Valentine’s Day are marketed around the colour red from lingerie to chocolates.

Red also suggests anger and when believed righteous, can be the motivation for change.

It is presumed a rock has no consciousness. It is neither aware of itself nor other items around it or how they may interact together. As we gain more awareness of ourselves, our surroundings and the suggestion of The Divine or Universal Consciousness, it is said we are awakening.

red dress kisses umbrella

How can the lessons be addressed?

If we have feelings of resentment, frustration, anger, disappointment or aggression, there is generally an abundance of Red energy. It is said we are hot under the collar. It is during these times that we should STOP and breathe…. This way we retain our power! Otherwise we become out of control.

When it is difficult to provide the material things needed to enjoy life or in some cases just to survive, we can become embarrassed of our situation and feel separated from our friends and loved ones or worse from Spirit. We may show competitive or materialistic behaviours. During these times, we need to find a way of grounding ourselves and reconnecting.

An affirmation to say each day is

“I am in my power”

As with other things we often hear people say “fake it until you make it” and this could apply to the affirmations. You may not feel in your power on day 1, but stay with it and with repetition you will feel the connectedness and awakening that you desire.

Chakra and Physical areas associated with Red

If any of these areas or conditions listed under the Chakra and Physical areas are causing concern, you can look at using the suggested crystals in their red form. Small pieces can be carried in your pocket or use larger specimens in your office or bedroom.

Clothing is another easy way to benefit from the energy of colour. Don’t wear Red? Use red socks if you need grounding or have week circulation. Underwear is a great way of stimulating under-active conditions – and no-one will know.

Food is a great source of Red –  Red meat, berries, beetroots, radishes all assist the blood and provide energy.

Is your concern that you have too much energy or passion, or are easily angered? You may find using the opposite colour to be effective. Green sits opposite red on the colour wheel. You can check out the Properties of Green here.

ruby colour properties of red

I hope you found this page helpful.

Do not to use any information from this blog to diagnose yourself and others or to treat serious conditions or ailments

If you would like to explore the Metaphysical benefits of Gemstones, Minerals, Crystals and Colour, please contact your local Colour or Gemstone Therapist.

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