Gift Certificates

Gift giving couldn't get any easier!

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Gift Certificates are a great gift giving idea.  They enable the recipient to purchase a design they love.  Furthermore they may wish to participate in a class or make an appointment to arrange a bespoke design.

The Gift Voucher is valid for 3 years (36 months) therefore the recipient has plenty of time to decide how they wish to use them.

Vouchers can be made to any amount you wish.  The following are some of the most frequently requested amounts. You can arrange for the voucher to be sent to your address or if you are in a hurry, it can be forwarded directly to the lucky recipient.

  • Too many designs to choose from?
  • Don’t know their favourite colours?
  • Purchase a Gift Certificate and send it (or have it sent) to the lucky recipient.
  • These beautiful Certificates are professionally printed onto card, (not paper), and come with matching envelopes.
  • If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate for an amount different to the amount listed, please contact me to arrange it.
  • Don’t have time to wait for a Gift Certificate in the mail?  Then this might be your answer.
  • You can have a certificate sent to your email or messenger (or directly to your loved one) for any amount you choose. 
    This will contain a Coupon Code for use during checkout.
  • You can choose the wording and ribbon colour to suit (and can remove the bow if you wish a more minimal look).
  • The Certificate will have an expiry date of three years from your purchase date.
Gift certificate with online shopping code
  • Please note – both styles of these Gift Certificates / Coupons are transferable so please keep them safe. 
  • If you lose one, please contact me as soon as possible so it can be cancelled and another re-issued.  This option is only available if the original coupon has not previously been used.